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Dear Friends and Well Wishers,

On behalf of Aligarh Alumni Association of Atlanta (AAAA), I thank you for visiting the website of AAAA. It goes unsaid that your feedbacks are important. It helps to enhance our website.

This website will serve as an important tool in our communication with our members and community at large. It will provide all of you up-to-date information of our organizational activities & events.

In 2010, we contacted the IRS for an Employer Identification Number and filed the Articles of Incorporation of the Association with the State of Georgia as a non- profit, secular and educational public benefit corporation. Currently we are in the process of obtaining the Federal tax exemption from IRS.

We are committed to keep Aligarh Tahreek of Sir Syed alive and recognize and nurture the rich and proud heritage of Aligarh Muslim University’s traditions; including Aligarh Educational Movement

We need your support as we undertake charitable, literary, educational activities like annual participation in academic exchange program involving US universities, student scholarships program, work with other local organizations on cultural and educational front, Mushaira, community picnic, etc. We also honor individual services to Urdu through conferring Hanif Akhgar Award to a deserving member of our global community.

At your service,

Shahid Ali

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Executive Committee

Title Name Contact Info
President Shahid Ali alishahid1467@gmail.com
Vice President Syed Naved Tanzeem sntanzeem@gmail.com
Treasurer Nadeem Ahmed nafatmi@yahoo.com
Secretary Dr. Naushad Ghilzai naushadghilzai@yahoo.com
Past President Dr. Shoeb Ahmad shoebahmad75@hotmail.com

Board of Trustees

Title Name Contact Info
Chairman Dr. Asif Taufiq docjaw@hotmail.com
Member Dr. Farzana Bharmal farzanamb@yahoo.com
Member Nasir Farooqui nasirfarooqui2018@gmail.com
Member Syed Waseem waseems422@yahoo.com
Member SUltan Khan khansultan786@yahoo.com

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About Aligarh Alumni Association of Atlanta (AAAA)

Aligarh Alumni Association of Atlanta (AAAA) is a non-profit, 501(c)(3) organization consisting of the graduates of Aligarh Muslim University (AMU), India and the subscribers of Aligarh educational movement. In 1877, the great educationist and social reformer, Sir Syed Ahmad Khan founded the Muhammadan Anglo Oriental College (MAO) in Aligarh (70 miles SE from New Delhi) which later became Aligarh Muslim University in 1920. The institution is patterned after Oxford and Cambridge universities. Spread over 467.6 hectares, Aligarh Muslim University offers more than 300 courses in the traditional and modern branches of education. It draws students from all states in India and from different countries, especially Africa, West Asia and Southeast Asia. The university is open to all irrespective of caste, creed, religion or gender. It ranks 8th among the top 20 research universities in India.

AAAA provides educational assistance to the needy students, helps our Alma Mater/other institutions to modernize, facilitates faculty student exchange and collaboration with institutions of higher learning, promotes Urdu language and its art forms, and engages in dialogues.

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SUKHAN was born out of Om Bhutkar's and Nichiketh's common love for Urdu Shayari and their drive to create something out of the passion.They persuaded the idea and after few years were able to put together a Show.

Sukhan, is a Pune based mehfil group presents Urdu Ghazals, Nazms combined with prose elements like stories and letters, to diverse audiences in an easy format. The contents of Sukhan, is handpicked from the vast treasure of Urdu literature and Shayari, which includes work by Mirza Ghalib, Hafeez Jalandhari, Sahir Ludhianvi. Amir Khusrow, Joan Eliya, Ahmed Faraz,Meer Taqi Meer, Mujtaba Hussain, Nida Fazli, Dagh Dehlvi, Allama Iqbal and many more. Sukhan have done almost 1500 shows worldwide including their performance at Jashn-e-Rekhta.

Its a show for all Urdu Lovers. A show not to MISS.


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